19 Oct 2014: Gone Girl and Rock Salt with Kevin

15 Oct 2014: Pre-Spaghetti Night

10 Oct 2014: Un cadeau

20 Sep 2014: Dinner at Travinia, and incredi-garlicky risotto leftovers.

13 Sep 2014: It’s a miracle! Our neighbors moved the car they had abandoned on the street for years! (They moved it into their driveway, where I’m sure it will now languish forever and house woodland creatures, but…)

11 Sep 2014: Leaving work

30 Aug 2014: Boyhood.

29 Jun 2014: A yummy dinner at Pasture with K. and G. It had been too long!

12 Aug 2014: A long but productive doctor appointment with Mom and Todd, followed by lunch at the Tip Top. Spaghetti a la Greek = no food poisoning for me!

1 Aug 2014: Lunch with Nora’s fabulous mom makes me very happy — and not because of the wine! (Though the wine is unarguably pretty awesome…)

19 Jul 2014: In preparation for National Ice Cream Day

16 Jul 2014: Lunch at Himalayan Fusion for Mike’s birthday!

9 Jul 2014: East wing

5 Jul 2014: Dinner at Littlejohn’s with K. & G.