30 Aug 2014: Boyhood.

29 Jun 2014: A yummy dinner at Pasture with K. and G. It had been too long!

12 Aug 2014: A long but productive doctor appointment with Mom and Todd, followed by lunch at the Tip Top. Spaghetti a la Greek = no food poisoning for me!

1 Aug 2014: Lunch with Nora’s fabulous mom makes me very happy — and not because of the wine! (Though the wine is unarguably pretty awesome…)

19 Jul 2014: In preparation for National Ice Cream Day

16 Jul 2014: Lunch at Himalayan Fusion for Mike’s birthday!

9 Jul 2014: East wing

5 Jul 2014: Dinner at Littlejohn’s with K. & G.

4 Jul 2014: The many armbands of a naturalization ceremony worker

27 Jun 2014: Minion, Mayor, Rabble-rouser

21 Jun 2014: I apologize for taking a picture of K. & G. When they apparently weren’t expecting it… And then the Pad Thai was disappointing to boot!

20 Jun 2014: Is there or is there not Diet Coke?

18 Jun 2014: Zidane, it’s hot!

16 Jun 2014: She thinks I should be mayor of El Tepeyac. Who am I to argue? ;)