28 Aug 2014: Birthday lunch at Himalayan Fusion with Jeanie — 7 hours later and I’m still stuffed!

25 Aug 2014: I love Josie!

21 Aug 2014: A super nice (and tasty!) way to return to work. Thanks, Julia!

18 Aug 2014: Day 1 of leadership training at AMA. To be honest I don’t know if “speed up” or “slow down” would’ve helped more, but I do know that pipe cleaners and chocolate chip cookies helped significantly.

15 Aug 2015: Seriously? (What am I going to do without a Duran Duran soundtrack to make it through this training next week?)

14 Aug 2014: Goal for tomorrow: leave work at the same time as everyone else.

8 Aug 2014: Arrrrr!!!

7 Aug 2014: Parking lot mustache

6 Aug 2013: Fried green tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, basil chiffonade, balsamic glaze. Well done as usual, CFA Cafe!

29 Jul 2014: Lunch with my wingman, a real go-getter

28 Jul 2014: In which I discover I am on the hook for more than I realized

25 Jul 2015: Yup, another picture of the radio, since I have *not* been keeping the Marigot Mindset this week. :(

21 Jul 2014: I have to hope that this is a good example of nature functioning as it’s supposed to, because this bush outside work was just crawling with bees yesterday!

18 Jul 2013: I concluded the $&!+ out of that exam!

17 Jul 2014: The many things I don’t understand